quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013


Perfeição (English version)


Art: Eduardo Lages
Story: Caio Godoy
Label: When I was born, Mama said:
Mother: He's perfect
Label: Great Mistake. Look, I was born bald!
Growing me Hair, I realized I had no teeth.
And growing me teeth... I realized I could not walk
Starting to walk... I realized I could not speak.
protagonist: I want coke!
Label: I realized I couldn't read...
protagonist: Mom, can ya read the comic for me?
Mother: Not now!
Label: Reading, I realized I was too short
Growing, I realized I had not kissed anyone...
I kissed... But had no girlfriend. I realized I was ugly.
So I take care of my beauty, and I realized I was to skinny.
I went to the gym, for being strong.
And I realized I was a dumb guy...
But going to the college I realized if I didn't work...
I would Still poor.
So I worked hard... And I saw myself alone.
Married, I realized I had no kids...
Having children, I realized I would have to work harder...
And could not rest until I retire.
Retired, I became invalid.
I spent my whole life trying to stop being what I was...
And at the end I was NOTHING.

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